Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last night was a surprise. My Mom called me to tell me how much of a weight is off her shoulders now that I have put $ down for her on an assisted living facility. She was on top of the world last night, feeling good, full of energy. It was so nice to talk to her in that state of mind. It is so rare.

Today, she was not the same. She seemed low. She seemed tired. She wasn't excited about anything. I watched while she did her OT with her therapist, and she did a good job walking, getting to the bathroom, putting on her socks & shoes. But she was not excited about it. I'm not sure what the change was today. I'm not sure what happened in her brain today to give her a different perspective. It was not a nice visit. I was upset when I left, and I had actually been looking forward to seeing her today, thinking that what I heard on the phone last night was the same thing I would be experiencing today. But it wasn't. It is so rare.

Please send me some hope. Thank you.

Today's Greaties:
1. November Blooms
2. Clean Laundry
3. Free Audiobooks from the Library
4. Prayers for A Better Day Tomorrow....

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