Monday, March 22, 2010

I Fell Down on the Job Today

Literally.  I fell down.  I missed the last stair at my new Preschool/Kindergarten pre-practicum and landed flat on my face.  Nothing hurt until I left there and now my foot is swollen and I can't put any pressure on it.  I've been icing it off & on tonight, and I've got it all taped up so it can't swell up anymore.  I'll go in for x-rays tomorrow if it feels like it does now. 

A great impression was made today, ladies and gentlemen.  Luckily only two people saw me.  The Director of the school, and a random man leaving his son off for school.  Why am I so clumsy?  What is it about me that I get so distracted and/or nervous that I stop paying attention?  It's as if I'm a kindergartener that needs to reminded to "watch where you're going!"  I do remember hearing that often when I was growing up, and I guess somehow not being re-reminded since I was 10 it has slipped my mind. 

On a positive note, I did get my grade back for my presentation in Child Development a few weeks ago.  We did a presentation on Language Development, and we got an A!  Hooray!  As a small part of our presentation, I put together a movie of children's language development from 1 month old to 14 years old.  It is amazing to me to see the growth!    Plus, the kids are just adorable...

The videos in this movie are from either youtube or vimeo and are not my property.  

Check it out below.  (I'm uploading a lower quality or else it would a day to upload!)

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