Thursday, April 1, 2010

A few ideas

I'm trying to pull myself out of a funk right now. I think it has to do with a fight I had with my Mom yesterday, but the truth is that there are lots of things I am fighting against right now. Mostly myself.

I spent some time this morning emptying out and sorting through some of my catch-all junk boxes. The piles ended up with categories like Books, DVDs, CD's, Health Related Items, Mementos, and Onesies of Different Earrings. These categories were originally scattered through 5 or 6 junk boxes that I've used to clean up when company is coming and I don't have time to actually do the put away necessary to look organized. That's what I'm doing this morning.

Putting away my books made me take a good look at some of the titles of my favorite reliables.

All of these are in a constant cycle through my hands.  When I am having a tough time, I find pulling out one of these books and randomly opening a page will usually provide me with some insight and grace to get through my day.  Here, let's pull one right now...
From "It's Never Too Late" by Patrick Lindsay

It's never too stop worrying
Separate the worry from the problem.
Figure out what you can do...then do it.
If you have no power to do anything...
Worrying about it won't help.
Allow things to take their course.
Options will open up.
When you stop worrying, you think clearly.
Open your mind to possibilities.
You'll be surprised how often the problem dissipates.

"Nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety."  Plato

See, I feel better already!  Truly, hearing this from someone else helps.

Have a good day.

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