Monday, August 2, 2010

Fitness Challenge! Join me for a 5K!

Are you up for a Fitness Challenge?

One of the things I did on my 39th birthday a couple of weeks ago was to write a list of things I'd like to do before I'm 40.  I know, I know, it's only one year, but a lot of things can happen in a year!

One of the items on it is to run/walk a 10K.  I've run/walked 5K's before, and I figure a year is a perfect amount of time to increase my distance and my speed!  I've signed up for a 5K in November just to have something to shoot for, and then I have a plan to do a 10K in June of 2011.  How does that sound to you?

In the meantime, here is my new training calendar.  I found this great write-erase board at Kmart for $6.99!   I can write on it, make notes, smiley faces, etc. and then erase it each month and set the plan again.  My plan is to spend time at the beginning each month updating the calendar, making adjustments to time, distance, etc where necessary.

I love it, how about you? :) I'm really enjoying being organized and having everything ready to go!

2 days down, many many more to go!

I'm using the 13 Week Run/Walk plan from The Beginning Runner's Handbook by Ian MacNeill and the Sport Medicine Council of British Columbia.

It's a terrific program that I've used twice before to get back in shape.  While it may seem slow at first, with a lot of walking to begin, I have never had an overuse injury from the plan.

I've also bought these great Old Navy Wide-Leg Walking Pants for only $16.50!  They are so comfy and I'll tell you, I feel kind of cute in them!  :)  

If you'd like to join me, please leave a comment and we'll support one another along the way!

P.S.  I'll be sharing some of my workout playlists, eating plans, but let me know if there is something else you'd like help with!

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