Monday, August 9, 2010

Fitness Challenge: Week 2!

I'm back and on track!  I got up early to get in my workout before the heat came in here in Massachusetts. 

It was a great workout this morning, and I'll tell you that having the day off yesterday really helped! 

Today's workout was to Run 1 minute, then Walk 4 minutes (do this 9 times).  So my workout was 45 minutes, and it was just enough challenge for me.   

What did I do on my day off?  We celebrated my Uncle John for his 70th birthday with a BBQ down in South Kingstown, RI.  Probably about 40 people showed up, and we hid from the sun in the shade.  Happy Birthday Uncle John!

After gorging ourselves on hot dogs, cheeseburgers and watermelon, I challenged my dad, my sister Megan and her husband Wells to both horseshoe and bocce.  The horseshoes were rubber so were actually quite frustrating as no matter how close you were to the ringer, they always bounced away!  The bocce, however, I loved.  I think I may be a natural.  LOL.  I got a few points for my team, and enjoyed myself immensely in the process!

I think bocce might be my new favorite pastime.  Watch out, you might find me in the North End soon challenging the locals... :)  Do you think I'd fit in?
These are not my relatives...
Picture from the

Seriously though, it might be fun to find a group of bocce players more my age to hang out with in the city.  I'll have to do some research!

Hope you have a great day in store!  It's not too late to join up on my Fitness Challenge!  Drop me a comment and we'll work together to get moving!

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