Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Agave Acorn Squash and Homework...

Whew.  I made it through another homework session.  My own.  I'm taking two Early Childhood classes this semester, and after studying for the MTEL's last week, I had to focus on my real homework again.  I guess I wasn't paying attention last week, because it occurred to me yesterday that I had two papers due today.  Oops.  I just finished them both, and will be driving up to Salem for school later.  My brain hurts.

Today is my Mom's birthday.  I won't be able to see her today as she lives about an hour away, and I have class this afternoon.  I feel badly about it, but I know I can't change it.  I've left her a message, and will try her again later.  As part of her birthday present this year I'll be bringing her up to see her nieces on Thursday.  My mom is no longer driving, so the only way for her to see them is for me to go and get her.  My sister doesn't get out to see my mom much, so it will be nice.  The girls have changed so much since Mom has seen them last.  She'll be stunned.

As I take a break to write this, I'm baking my lunch in my handy dandy convection toaster oven.  This is one of my favorite inventions.  I love it because it's large enough for a whole pizza, large casserole and it cooks fast.  This is the one I have just in case you find yourself needing one.

Today's concoction is Baked Acorn Squash with Agave & Chinese Five Spice.  Yumm.  Here's a before & after for you. 

Aren't you jealous?  You can tell it's getting to be fall around here as I break out the autumn vegetables. 

I used one medium acorn squash, 1 tsp of agave nectar, 1 Tbsp of butter, and 1 tsp of chinese five spice.  Cut the acorn squash in half, then place on cookie sheet.  Add the rest of the ingredients into each half's cup.  Roast/bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes until soft and caramelized.  Yumm. 

Sorry, gotta go eat while it's hot.  :)

P.S.  I miss my exclamation point.  :(

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