Monday, January 31, 2011

If Only I Had A Dog

I've been babysitting my nieces this past week.  They are two years and two months and full of so much wonder and knowledge.  Both of the girls are talking like crazy, repeating everything we say, doing naughty things, and generally being cute!  I've been on morning & evening duty with them, which means getting them to bed where they stay up in their cribs refusing to settle for hours!  The game this weekend was throwing everything out of their cribs and then crying and screaming for many minutes until I would give in to get it for them.  Finally they slept, but I fear it may be a new routine.  I feel for my sister and brother in law in the next few weeks.  But then again, maybe they were just playing me as their auntie who doesn't know any better!  I was also on morning duty, when they are actually happy to see me and get up!  We would change diapers, make waffles and coffee, and play until the nanny showed up for the day.  I'm home today, and I know I'll be asleep early tonight to catch up.  But, I know I'll also miss their sweet faces and cuddles, and their constant requests for Auntie Jeanne!

Besides running around after them (they are in their terrible twos after all), I spent some time reading before bed.  I just finished Rose in a Storm by Jon Katz.  It's a great story told about a border collie and the man that runs her farm and their lives there on the farm.  The tale is engrossing and heartwarming, with a devoted dog and owner.  It's also a good thing to read during a storm! It makes me wish I could have a dog.  Unfortunately, my apartment building doesn't allow them, so I'll have to make do with Cute Overload for now! :)

We've got more snow coming here to Boston tomorrow and Wednesday (up to 20 inches are due).  I'm headed back to the library to get some books to read snuggled up while hiding from the snow!    Any suggestions? 

Are you up to your eyebrows in snow too?  How is your winter going? 

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