Sunday, October 23, 2011

Put it in my Pocket

After leaving Asilomar and my friends at Camp Shutter Sisters, I found myself in a cloud.  I had driven down to Point Lobos State Reserve, and found a lookout point where you were allowed to get down on the rocks, close to the ocean.  I sat thinking and looking in a new way.  For the details beyond the beauty of the crashing waves on the rocks.  

I sat on these rocks, dreaming of new possibilities for my life, and stopped myself from delving into my normal dream crushing inner voice.  Instead, I started looking for something to remind me to look at things in a new way.  The boulders beneath me had been worn down by sand, water and wind, opening up the details beneath their skin.  I saw new patterns there, hidden just beneath the surface.  The details were large in my naked eye, and the camera captured those for me as I saw them.  I get lost in the swirls, nooks and textures.  

I'm so happy to bring some of what I saw back with me, when I couldn't fit it in my pocket.