Sunday, January 1, 2012

I like your Red Coat

The little girl poked her head out of her window in a three-family house on New Years Day.  It was cold out, and you could see her springy black curls tied with ribbon bouncing as she looked up and down the street.

"I like your red coat." she called out happily to a woman on the street.  "Thank you." said the stranger.  "Happy New Year." said the girl. 

Then she found her next victim.  A man in a striped scarf.  "I like your scarf."  she yelled, smiling.  The man looked up, and said "Happy New Year."  "You too." she said.

This went on for several minutes with random people on the street below her.  I like your coat.  I like your scarf.  I like your hat.  I like your dog.  She was a little elf.  Innocent and with no inhibitions about talking to strangers.  Just wanted to share some of her joy that day with whoever happened to pass by.

Such a small gift to give someone on this New Year's Day.  But, she smiled each time, and took a gift away with her too.  She had made someone else smile on the first day of the year.

I will remember her unselfish gift, and her lilting voice calling out into the cold.  Happy New Year to you.  And, I like your coat.

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  1. What. A great story. If only adults would take the time to share a few kind teach us so much!