Monday, April 2, 2012

If you love popcorn, you'll love this!

I just had to share my latest find this weekend.  It is so exciting. At least it is to those of us that eat popcorn like it's going out of style! 
I'm addicted. I think it stems from my mother cooking us oil-popped popcorn on the gas stove, the pan and the burner grating against each other as she moved the pan back & forth for even cooking, the sound of each and every kernel popping in it's stainless steel cage, and the smell of home-cooked heaven wafting upstairs.  My mother ate a pan of popcorn at least once a week for dinner.  It's in my blood.
At Target this weekend, I found a bowl to pop popcorn in the microwave!  My air-popper at home had just burnt out it's motor after being used at least 3x a week, and I've been in mourning.  I love air-popped because it's so good for you as long as you don't add the butter!  So, you can add oil if you want, but I tried it without, and within 2-3 minutes almost all my kernels were popped and nothing burnt!
Here's the link at Amazon (not linked to my Associates account) in case you want to investigate further.

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