Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer love part II

I love my iPhone, it allows me to do so many things I would normally have to do in the computer, but for some reason posting to Blogger from it doesn't always work! So I'm trying this again. Please excuse if you've already read this!

I hope you're enjoying your summer. I'm trying to. You may have noticed that because I have not been posting very often! I'm out and about, reveling in the summer atmosphere, taking it all in. Trying to remember that these days are fleeting. These hot humid days that morph into warm nights, these are the thing I will miss in January. As I sit drinking my Moscow Mule on the patio. As I bite into another tomato. As I swim a few more times in the ocean.

Summer in New England is a treasure. And I'm going to enjoy every last bite.

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