Friday, June 12, 2009

So my Mom has been home for two weeks today. Hoorah! Big whoop I know. But, I guess it's two weeks that I haven't had to meet the ambulance at the hospital or field calls from her friends. Actually, I shouldn't say that. Her friends and neighbors and siblings have called me to tell me she shouldn't be living at home alone. No duh, sherlocks! I haven't seen her in two weeks. I am telling everyone that I am divorcing her. I just need some distance for a while she is making bad decisions. I can't stop her but I am not going to enable it either. So anyway....

On the good news front, I've been taking this time to work on my stuff. I've been caught with a cold for 2 weeks now, so I've using the time to sleep a lot, eat healthily, start walking and catching up on some home organization projects.

I am feeling better today. Tomorrow we are off to explore the vineyards of Rhode Island. I know, RI has vineyards? But yes, they do, and a bunch of us are going touring to celebrate a friend's birthday. I've already figured it on, how much wine can I drink with my 35 weekly extra points? ;) quite a few! But I won't. I don't like being hungover. I am just looking forward to being with friends, taking photos of the group and the scenery, and tasting some new wines.

I've added my weight loss ticker to this blog, and I hope you all enjoy the journey I call my life! :)

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