Friday, December 4, 2009

And here is my Photo Friday entry: Homemade

Good News!

That nodule I had biopsied a few weeks ago came back as non-malignant. I'll have regular ultrasounds to keep an eye on it as it does have the propensity to turn. But, I will take the good news from where it comes! ;)

Busy weekend ahead, and I guess it is a goood thing when my stress comes from trying to figure out how to see everyone that wants to see me! When all I want to do is stay home from now until Monday nesting in my house, decorating for Christmas, and trying to get into the holiday spirit! I don't think I'm going to do the full tree thing, but here are my ideas for decorating this year.

Hanging from a Doorway Frame:

On my Wall in my Living Room and Bedroom:

And then, on a string, these Willow Trees hanging across a large 6 ft. doorway:

Any other ideas to consider since I'll be treeless? Leave me a comment so I can come see your stuff too!

Thanks, and Happy Friday to you!

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