Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It is Almost Here! The Happy New Year!

A couple of things for you today. I am feeling better mentally, physically and spiritually. Not sure why, but I am not going to question it too much! Props go out to my acupuncturist Lisa Farwell of Great Way Wellness in Cambridge for so much of it. I woke up today pain free.

There seems to be a movement around the blogosphere for picking a word to set your intention for the next year instead of sitting down and writing your resolutions. I like the idea of putting my intention out into the Universe to hear and to help me manifest. I'm not sure if it's the Universe or God that makes it happen, but I do believe it comes to fruition with some help from the world outside of myself.

Picking one word to set my intention is going to be tough. There are so many things I want for myself this next year.

  • I want to live my life for myself, not for my mother.
  • I want to find my happiness.
  • I want to encourage others to find their own happiness.
  • I want to walk down the street with my head held high spiritually, mentally and physically.
  • I want to live with integrity.
  • I want to share my life with someone.
  • I want to take care of my body.
  • I want to find my path.

Want, want, want... What I don't like about the word want is that although it is a verb, it is not an action verb and it doesn't seem to embody the potential for getting the things that I want.

There are others that are ruminating in my head:

  • Move
  • Share
  • Care
  • Exceed
  • Transform
  • Upgrade
  • Establish
  • Expand
  • Create
  • Craft
  • Clarify

I'll choose it before January 1st. Maybe I'll be standing out in the cold at midnight at Copley Square in Boston on New Years and the word will speak to me.

What about you? Are you participating in the One Word philosophy this year? Any advice for me? I'd love to hear what your word might be.

PS, I just found this really neat download over on Christine Kane's website on how to "Discover your Word of the Year". Go check her out here!

Happy New Year to You and Yours!

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