Saturday, December 26, 2009

Freebie Anyone?

As you know, I went snowshoeing just before Christmas because we got a bunch of snow! I was so excited!

So, I've created a new desktop wallpaper for January 2010 for you to enjoy. I hope you use it and share it wherever you'd like! Just click on the photo and the large one will pop up. Just right click and say "Save as Desktop".

My Christmas was busy between trying to manage getting my mother out of rehab, getting her set up again at home, and being her taxi service to and from our Christmas celebrations. But, I had fun seeing the nieces and nephews open their presents. I think I heard a few "Awesome!" and "Cool" from the 7 year old, but not the 1 year olds! :) I did get a few babbles here and there though...

Today, I spent the morning trying to arrange more home care for Mom, and I had kind of a yucky phone call with her. I am angry with her and so all of my phone conversations when she is home and doing something I don't agree with, I end up saying things I shouldn't. I am sorry Mom. I wish I could separate my fear from my love for you. My greatest fear is that I haven't done enough for you, and when you fall or god forbid hurt yourself more than that, that I won't be able to forgive myself. And I am taking that out on you.

I am home today trying to plan out my next steps in life. No, I'm not doing the normal resolution thing for January 1st. I am writing a list of hopes and dreams for my life and the way I want it to be. There are no "I should" or "I need" statements on it. It is just a list of the way I envision things will be in my future, and I can't wait to have them come to fruition.

Want a preview? The list is much longer, but I want it to be pretty before I share the whole thing!

  • Children sitting in my lap as we read together
  • Holding hands with my lover as we walk in a snowstorm
  • Standing on the edge of Antarctica
  • Waking up on the beach in Nantucket
  • Running my first half-marathon

I hope your holidays were great. Drop me a line and share your dreams...

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