Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goals are funny things...

I am the only one who truly knows my goals and how many there are
but somehow I am more worried about letting down friends and family than myself.

So, instead I am going to tell you.

  • I will run/walk a 10K in 2010.
  • I will take 7 photographs a week.
  • I will finish at least 6 courses towards my Masters in Early Childhood Education in 2010.
  • I will eat 5 small, healthy meals a day, with one day off each week in 2010.
  • I will drink at least 6 glasses of H20 each day.
There are more things running through my head, but I know I am getting dangerously close to stagnation due to overwhelm.

Now that they are written down I can start mapping out the hows of each of them.  I am actually looking forward to it!

Want to share your goals here?  No pressure, no judgment allowed!  It feels good to get them out into the Universe, and I would love to give you a chance for that as well.

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