Friday, January 29, 2010

I Think Sammy is Sick

I'm worried.  My kitty Samantha has always been a big eater - she once got up to 21 lbs. when I wasn't watching.  The vet wanted her to lose weight, so she has been on a wet diet for the last year, and she is now 10 lbs.  She is all bones! 

All of a sudden this week she is off her food.  Up until this week, she would devour whatever I put in front of her, or I'd find her in the trash can scavenging bits of whatever what left in there.   Now, she takes 2 or 3 licks of her wet and walks away.  I'm worried.  I've made an appointment for tomorrow with the vet.  I hope she is okay.  We had some nice cuddle time today before we both got up.  She feels so thin...

Please send good thoughts for her that maybe she is just off and it is nothing serious.  She is 13 years old and has a long life in front of her!  Love you Sammy!

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