Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snowed In...Yay!

It is snowing again, or still...We've got about 6 inches that arrived starting Friday night and will continue most of the day today. I love it! I'm meeting some friends for brunch at our favorite place in Somerville ( and then I hope to be able to get out for a quick snowshoe this afternoon.

I have learned from many years in New England that you can't waste a good snow. Fresh and deep snow that is good for snowshoeing is hard to come by, and while we are usually quite cold here in the northeast, we don't' always have good snow! The past seasons have been disappointing. I finish the season thinking I wish I had gone snowshoeing more. Not this year - my goal is to get out for a bit in each storm.

I love walking in the silence of the woods, with or without a friend. The cold air opening my eyes wider to see the little beauties around me. My lungs being filled with fresh air, spurring me on to keep going, to see what is around that next bend in the path. To push myself just a bit further.

Have a great Sunday wherever you are!

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