Sunday, April 25, 2010

Productivity for Beginners

  1. Do not turn on the TV (if you need background noise, put on NPR)
  2. Find a clean quiet workspace (or make one)
  3. Sit in chair
  4. Have a healthy snack at the ready (see pic below)
  5. Do not be distracted by dirty dishes, laundry, dusty surfaces or hungry children
  6. Put the pen to paper (or the fingers to keyboard) 
  7. Just start
Today I had another Green Smoothie for breakfast.  Pretty yummy actually, and hopefully it will keep me full until after noon.

3 oz Organic Tofu
1 cup Spinach
1 cup Skim Milk
2 Tbsp of Flax Meal
1 Small Can of Peaches in Pear Juice
1/2 cup of FF Yogurt (any flavor)

I'll be back after I finish these next 2 papers... due Tuesday!

Oh, yes...A healthy snack! 

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