Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quite Quiet

I've been feeling really quiet today, not wanting to see anyone, talk to anyone on the phone.  I spent my day reading, watching movies and pulling photos off my Nikon.

Yesterday I was out for a photo walk and I couldn't resist taking the above from my neighbor's yard. The vibrancy of the yellow flower called to me, like it wanted me to touch its velvet leaves, to capture its sweetness of scent, to remind me of the perfection we can find in everyday.

This one was just too pretty not to notice.  

Perfection overwhelms me sometimes, and instead of fighting to keep going to be perfect, I hide.  If I don't "do" anything, I won't fail at anything.  If I don't apply to all of those jobs that I think I could do, I won't be told "No, we chose someone else."  If I don't communicate with those guys on, I won't be told I'm not their type.  If I don't share my struggles with my friends, I won't be told I'm too much for them.  So here I sit, inside, quiet and hiding. Hiding but not living.

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