Monday, June 14, 2010

The Soundtrack of my Childhood

I woke up this morning singing the Monday Monday song by the Mamas & Papas,
and I decided that today was a good day to share some of my all time favorites songs from my childhood.  My dad had quite the record collection when I was growing up, hidden in a wooden wall unit he built into our living room.  If you can believe it, the mechanics of his stereo system are still there from when he left in 1981, including most of the LP's.  

I think that the music of our childhood can transport us back there in an instant.  It is the soundtrack of our lives.

I have memories of sitting against the wall unit where the silver was hidden, surrounded by the music coming out of the huge wooden speakers on either side of the room.  I was born in the early 70s so we've got everything from groove to disco to enjoy. 

Let's start with a classic.  This one had me dancing trying not to shake the record player as I hopped and grooved around our small living room.

Shake Shake Shake by KC & the Sunshine Band

This was one a toss up with "Turned to Stone"...  I still think of this song when I want to be transported back to my childhood.  The sounds and music of the song brought me right into the jungle!
Jungle by Electric Light Orchestra

Can you see me dancing now?
Crocodile Rock by Elton John

This one was one of my Dad's favorite, and I'm pretty sure it had quite a few scratches on it.

Bad Bad Leroy Brown by Jim Croce

Horse With No Name by America

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? by Chicago 

American Pie by Don McLean

Go your own way by Fleetwood Mac

And one of my favorite all time songs.  I have such memories of this song.  I did it as a talent show dance/lip sync with my friend Lianne at our local block party back in 1982.  I think someone actually has it on video.  Scary!  Do you remember block parties?

Stop in the Name of Love by The Supremes

Thanks for listening and remembering with me.  What were your favorites?  I'd love to know!

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