Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Week in Review

What a week it was - friends, exercise, a going away party, more exercise, Father's Day celebrations and recovery!

I have lunch every week with my friend KCJ on Wednesdays.  She & I have been friends since 9th grade science class, and I knew as soon as I met her that I would want to be her friend for a very long time.   23 years later, we've been through losses of family members, marriages, break-ups, pregnancy scares, moves across the country (including the drives to go with it), family drama, new jobs, and much much more.  Now we meet once a week for a quick lunch of salads at Whole Foods or something that one of us brought to share, and a quick bitch session.  It is like my touch stone for the week.  We don't talk much during the week except these sessions, but it is enough for us both to know what is going on with each other's lives.

Thank you KCJ for being there.

Thursday mornings at 6:30am we meet to hike the Harvard Stadium "stairs".  It is actually a stadium, so the stairs are actually the seats.  We do as many up & down sets as we can in 35 minutes.  For me, it is usually 2 up & down sets, then walk for a few sections, then a few more sets, then walk, etc.  The intervals allow me to breathe and then go on for a few more.  The Stadium has about 36 sections and it's size is quite amazing.  In the early morning hour, there are only a handful of people working out and the top of the stadium affords a view of the Cambridge skyline.  The stadium is quite beautiful too, isn't it?  Last week was our first week, and I expected to be sorer than I was.  My knees were achy, but it didn't keep me from anything else I wanted to do.  I feel like that alone is a sign that my health is improving!  I did 9 sets last week, and my goal for this week is 11.  I'll let you know how it goes!

Photo from Harvard Stadium website.

Next on the agenda was a going away party for my friend T.  She is moving to S. Carolina so Saturday night was her going away party at the Tavern on the Square in Central Square.  It was a fun night, a lot of folks showed up to wish her well and send her off with hopeful thoughts.

 Although it doesn't appear so, there were some men folk in attendance!  

I tried not to drink too much or stay out too late at T's party on Saturday night because I had to drive down to the Plymouth area for my Father's Day activities.  My father and I hit the Cape Cod Canal bike path for a ride in a fog bank!  On the drive down, we watched the temperature fall on the dashboard from 85 degrees to 71 degrees in a half hour.  There was a fierce headwind, but we also knew that the ride back was going to be a breeze (pun intended).  We rode all the way down to the Mass Maritime Academy, and enjoyed investigating the tugs and lifeboats hanging out on the docks at the Academy.  The railroad bridge (see pic below) also attracted our attention, and we stood for a while on our bikes discussing the engineering of the structure, the railroad itself, and the design elements.  I love riding with my Dad.  It is one of our activities that we do together often, the others being day trips in the car, and walks on the beach looking for beach glass. 

As I was driving home from our Father's Day activities, the oldies station 103.3 was playing an all 70's session.  In reference to last week's post, I realized on my drive that I had missed one of the most important times of the 1970's.  The Saturday Night Fever years.  This song came on, and I was grooving along on my longer than needed drive!

I hope you grooved right along with me this time!

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