Friday, July 23, 2010

My Smoothie Station

I've been here almost two years, and for some reason I haven't yet made it my home.  I'm considering moving, but I recently decided that in order to feel at home here, I needed to do some sprucing up! So, I started with the pantry area in my kitchen.

Meet my Smoothie Station:

I love spray paint - the pantry shelf used to be an awful blue/green.  I upgraded to this cranberry red which I love,  especially in the kitchen!  
My everyday ingredients for a yummy smoothie to start the day.
Including Chinese Five Spice, Cinnamon, Vanilla Protein Powder, Vanilla Extract, Milled Flax Seeds and Cacao Nibs.

Yummy Smoothie, it's so cold you can see the condensation on the glass!
Add to that some Fresh Spinach and a Tablespoon of a Nut Butter, a couple handfuls of ice, and you've got yourself a yummy Green Monster Smoothie!

As I continue to settle in here, I'll share some of my "homemaking" with you.

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