Monday, August 16, 2010

Foundations in the Sky

This quote always struck me as somewhat backwards, but that truth is that this is exactly how I work.  I get excited about something and get ahead of myself.  Then I run to put foundations under my hopes and dreams so they don't fall to the ground.  

I am feeling this quote as I gear up to start school again for my Masters in Early Childhood Education.  I so look forward to the day that I can be in the classroom teaching. In the meantime, I'll struggle through the theory work in my classroom.   

I feel better about life when things are in control, but I know that "control" is not something I am good at acheiving.  I think it's because I get ahead of myself, and then continue to run to catch up. So, in an effort to regain some control I've spent the past few days trying to pull things together in my real life, cleaning up little issues as simple as an oil change for the car, returns to Old Navy, and cleaning out my refrigerator. 

I need my life to be in control before I continue my studies.   I've found that my studies tend to take up so much of my brain power that I have little left for the day to day necessities of life.  So, I'm taking steps to reverse my luck.  I'm building the foundation so that my castles will continue to fly.

Are you working on your foundations?  Tell me about them!

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