Saturday, September 4, 2010

Swimming in the Rain

Maine Wood Shack - don't you love the colors?
This summer has been full of travels, so I'll take some time the next few posts to fill you in!

I spent a couple of days up north in Center Lovell, Maine last week.  My friend Caitlyn was in town from Montana and seeing her meant driving to Maine!  But, I was up for it! North to Kezar Lake we go!!

As a lifelong friend I get to be family for these sort of visits.  I spent my time with them kayaking, playing UNO with the 5 year olds, wintergreen gathering and swimming in the rain. 

There is never enough time for reading, napping, etc. with these folks, but I got some “me” time by capturing a few moments of peace in the rain. 

The dock in the rain.
Compound fields
The cabin at night
Caitlyn & Madison
Gathered wintergreen
Sweetness Personified
Cousins are the best

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