Thursday, November 11, 2010

just 5

1.  I'm not if I've told you about this site before, but I love this "Stuff No One Told Me" drawing.

2.  This Cardamom Sweet Roll recipe.  I can't wait for Wednesday, November 24th when my brother and I will be making these together in my mother's kitchen for Thanksgiving morning. Of course it will also be my nieces 2nd birthday.  :)  Yippee!

3.  Looking forward to seeing my old college roommate in her home this weekend.  Although our friendship has changed considerably, I still love her and want her to have only the best in life.  It's nice to be able to call her a friend again.

4.  Today's Rune is a Nauthiz.  I'm not in love with it's meaning (Shame/Need), but something in today's reading resonated with me.  "This Rune teaches that a new life is possible, and that you are indeed learning how to live that life."  (from The Healing Runes by Ralph Blum and Susan Loughan)

5.   Just #5 to thank you all for your support and encouragement.  I love my friends, I love my blog, I love my "blends".  Best to you all today.


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