Saturday, November 20, 2010

Prayers Please

We've had another scare with Mom.  I hadn't heard from her in about 48 hours, so I drove the 45 minutes to check on her, and found her on the floor.  It is so unbelievably scary when this happens.  So now, I'm in the ICU waiting for her to wake up.  They tell me she is very sick.  No duh, doc.  I think I figured that out when I couldn't wake her yesterday morning.  The only good news is that she is one on one here.  One nurse to one patient. 

Update:  24 hours later
She has such bad pneumonia that we've had to intubate her.  She is sedated and sleeping, so hopefully the rest will give her some energy to fit through this.  My brother is on a flight from NM, and will be here this afternoon.  I can't wait for some company in this scary place...

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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