Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not Yet Out of the Woods

Being a health care proxy is so scary.  Mom is doing better in some ways, and worse in others.  We keep getting the "You know she is DNR?" question over and over again.  I know they have to do it, confirm it, but each time it makes me feel a little less confident.

I'm on my way to a meeting with the docs right now, as yet another decision needs to be made.  I'll ask for your thoughts and prayers again, as I'm scared.  Scared for what will happen if she does make it, scared for what will happen if she doesn't.  I know the Lord is in charge and that should make me feel better, but somehow, today, it just doesn't.  I think I'll go find the Prayer room at the hospital to quiet myself a little before the meeting. 

Thanks for your thoughts.

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