Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Stocking is Growing

I may have told some of you that I wasn't going to have a stocking this year because my Mom usually filled it. 

I went to her house this week to look for it along with other paperwork, but couldn't find it.  Boo.  :(  Mom, where did you hide it?

In the meantime however, my "mail stocking" is growing.  I should probably have put all of these into a box and waited to open them until Christmas, but that's not how I roll...

Today I received: 
  • some Yummy Decaf Chai (how did you know I had run out?), 
  • Taza Mexican Chocolates (chili is my favorite!),
  • Bags of Liquor-filled Chocolates (much classier than a flask), 
  • a Beautiful bottle opener for my keychain (I'm serious, it's beautiful)
and oh yes, 
  • A magnet from my other favorite artist, Curly Girl.

Indeed, I am feeling the love.  Amen.

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