Thursday, January 13, 2011

Act, As In...

I've been thinking a lot this year about choosing a WORD for the year.  And I've been stuck.  I was tossing around the idea of "Action", but realizing it was too broad.  So, I started looking more at the root, ACT.

ACT has so many meanings:
~ the doing of a thing;  
~ a state of real existence rather than possibility; 
~ a display of affected behavior.
But, the root is also an important part of other positive, active words.  Words like Impact, Attract, Practice, Interact, Action, Contact and Active.  All things I want for myself to do and be in 2011.  
ACT:  So many things in my life I can "act" on.  Just do something, Jeanne!

Make an impact in someone's life, for an organization you believe in, or even in your own life.

Take Action:
  Clean that closet, protect that scared animal, finish that degree.

Tell the universe what you want.  Ask for it.  Attract that which is yours already.

Make Contact: 
Reach out to those you have lost or pushed away.  Contact those who you want to be more in your life. 

Be Active: 
Move, Run, Dance, Walk, Pose, Kayak, Hike, Snowshoe, Climb, Jump!

Talk, listen, laugh, sing, joke, with everyone around you.  Meet someone new!

Share your process.  Establish your practice. Do the things you don't do well over and over again.  Those things you do well like practice too!  Write more, create more, shoot more.  Practice, practice, practice.

I know that a lot of you are on the same journey I am.  Listening to all of the voices around us making changes, creating, and accomplishing.  We can be one of them.

Just for today, "Act" on something.  Anything. 

Share one thing you would like to act on this week.  I'd like to know you are acting along with me.

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