Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quiet Wonderful World

Snow is a wonderful thing.  It makes us all slow down.  It's a beautiful day here in Massachusetts if you love snow, which I do!  The thing about a snow storm is it makes us slow down to a snail's pace. The road outside my building is covered with snow instead of cars.  It's snowing and snowing and snowing, and I love it!  We got about 17 inches here in Melrose, and I am so excited!  I can't get my car out of the community parking lot because it hasn't been plowed yet, so if I need to get out, it will be on foot.  These sorts of days are great because all of a sudden I like walking for miles.  If it snowed everyday, I'd walk everywhere!  

I love snow days because the world has stopped.  My friends tell me that the only business open in town is Dunkin Donuts.  Of course, it's New England, so Dunkin's has to open!  Once the wind and snow settle down this afternoon I have big plans.  Big plans to get out and enjoy the freshness of fallen snow.  I've got my snowshoes at the ready, so I'll be snowshoeing my way over to the park to get some pictures.  I love walking around my town in the snow.  Everyone seems friendlier and the world is clean.

Quiet Wonderful World by me
The brisk wind 
hits my skin
and wakes me up.
Snow falls 
the ground accepts its new apparel.
The world is pure again
for just a few hours
until the storm stops.
My wish is for more snow.

Until the world opens up again, you'll see me out in the snow, or home under my comforter reading this...Julia's Chocolates


  1. Snow is a HATEFUL thing...I don't care to see it ever again!

  2. Blaspheme Mr. Bill! I know, I'm weird. It must be because I've always been a northerner, I feel at home in the snow...