Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brimfield Treasures 2011

Brimfield is full of treasures and torture.  So many amazing finds but not enough space, money or emotional energy to buy too much.  Memories come back, even if I never had these items to begin with.  

This huge radio from Rhode Island, with all the stations my mother and grandparents used to listen to as she grew up.   

One of my favorite flavors. Ginger.  Bottles and bottles of different types of Ginger products of old.  I can imagine the life of the people that used them.  Ginger flavor for baking. 

Ginger beer for drinking.  Isn't that a great old ceramic bottle? 

Thomas Edison's Music Player Invention.  I love these.  The music is on the blue spool, and is read by the needle.  Very similar to the vinyl record player, but actually more compact and portable.  I don't know why it wasn't in production longer.

A little boys' fire chief engine.  I can imagine many trips up and down his street, ringing the bell to alert the neighbor to his approach.


I love the juxtaposition of the chaos in the surrounding items against the upright, clean, old camper toy.  Old toys have so much nostalgia attached to them.  I get lost in the stories, and wonder, "Is it my memory or someone else's?"

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