Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Free CSA Goodies and Recipe Ideas!

So, my friend Christie has been out of town the past couple weeks, and her CSA veggies were just going to waste.  In order to cut back on unnecessary orphan vegetables, I happily offered to enjoy her share while she was away.  Do you know what a CSA is?  It is Community Supported Agriculture.  You buy a share, or a half-share of a farm, and all summer long you get a weekly delivery of fresh off the farm vegetables to enjoy!  Can it get better than that?  A bunch of my friends are involved this year, some with not so lovely results.  But, Christie's is amazing.  How do I know?  See below:

This week's share included all that you see here, plus many more heirlooms of varying quality, more hot peppers, cabbage and more than a few heads of lettuce.  I was so excited when I opened the box!  So many recipes floating in my head to use all of this up this week!
  • Roasted Beets - Wash thoroughly, chop into 1/2 inch cubes, toss with oil and salt/pepper in a 350 oven for 20 minutes.  Yum.  Candy!
  • A Small Batch Homemade Baba Ganoush or maybe Eggplant Parmesan - I haven't done this recently so my cookbooks will have to be cracked open!
  • Crispy Kale Chips - So easy, just rinse the kale really well, dry thoroughly, then rip into pieces, toss with olive oil in a ziploc bag, and then sprinkle with salt.  Cook in a 375 oven for 20 minutes until crispy!  You won't believe how yummy they are.
  • Tomatoes, Basil & Mozzarella - you know how to do this!
  • Braised Fennel & Pasta 

I'm not sure yet what I'll do with the hot pepper, shallots and turnips.  Do you have any recipe ideas for me?

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