Sunday, July 8, 2012

Good morning breakfast!

Okay, so did you know that it is possible to overdose on mangoes? That's what I did to myself. I spent the last two weeks fighting a mango allergy of all things. I think it's because I was eating at least one mango a day for a wild there. They say that mango allergy is caused by the south on the skin of the mango, so hopefully one day I'll try it again and only eat the fruit without a problem. So, you'll notice a lack of mango posts coming up! Now that I'm finally feeling better, I've been craving real good food. That means no processed food, if possible.

This morning it was time for a fried egg sandwich.

I cut up one half of a fresh red pepper, two large slices of onion, and tossed them into a hot frying pan. No oil needed. Just cut them up and saute until they start to melt and brown.

While that's cooking put two pieces of bread into your toaster oven with a couple slices of a pungent cheese. I used Morbier from trader joes. It's sharp tangy and rich. Toast for four minutes.

Once the onions and peppers are cooked to your satisfaction, remove them to a separate bowl and put in your egg. The pan should be hot and sizzling.

Put one slice of prosciutto onto the cheese toast, then layer on your fried egg, onions and peppers. Add some salt and pepper then cover with the other toast.

Serve with your favorite coffee and enjoy. This is a meal!

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