Saturday, August 4, 2012

Home hunting!

I've been home hunting for the past few months. When I say home, I mean my new apartment. I'm not quite ready to have a mortgage. But I do want to space I can call my own. A couple of weeks ago I wrote down everything I wanted in an apartment and put it out there into the universe. Well wouldn't you know, last week the apartment I've been waiting for popped up. It's not 100% perfect by any means but I think I can make a really nice home there for the next few years.

I put in an application and I have every reason to expect that it will be accepted. I went to an open house on Thursday night and liked it enough that I filled out the application that night. Now we are in the credit check phase. But in the meantime. I'm starting to pack up here at home.

Last week or so I think I posted about "cleaning house." well now it's official. I'm cleaning house and purging everything I can. I want everything around me to bring me some sort of joy. And unfortunately this house has become a place where I don't like to come home to. It's too small and there's too much.

Even If I end up in a different apartment that I've chosen, I know that it is time to move on and it is time to let go.

What does letting go mean for me?
It means getting rid of the clothes that I have been holding onto, waiting to get to a new lesser size than I am now. I'm realizing that carrying these things around with me is just increasing my guilt factor which is not productive or helpful. When I get to my new size, I'm not going to want these clothes. Because these clothes are part of my past, not a part of my future. I'm keeping a few sentimental favorites that I do hope to be able to fit back into, but the majority of it is going. I'm saving a few things my mom bought me. Not because I like the clothes, although I do, it's because I remember. I have the memory of shopping with her. I have a couple of those memories that I like holding onto.

It means letting go of paper and tchotchkes. I want my new apartment to be free of clutter, and an empty space waiting to be filled. Filled with life, not with stuff.

Wish me luck! How about you? Are you in a letting go phase also?

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