Saturday, November 10, 2012

Time to get organized!

I have always liked writing on the walls. Even when I was little drawing on the walls with my Crayola crayons. Then I graduated to writing my vision list on the walls of my single girl apartments.

But this, this is what I've been dreaming about recently.

An organized station for managing my calendar, my 'what's to eat in the house' list, grocery list, and to do list.

Writing on the wall feels like brainstorming and things come more easily. I'm able to empty my brain and then take a picture of it carry with me for future reference.

I bought these sticky sheets at Amazon. They stick to the wall and will peel off easily when I move out. I also bought a pack of assorted color transparency markers. Transparency markers don't smudge when you write with them and wipe off easily with a damp cloth.

Check them out! (No associates fees.)

Gowrite Dry Erase Sheets, 8.5 X 11 Inches, White, 5 Sheets (AS8511)

Expo Vis-A-Vis Wet Erase Markers, 8 Colored Markers (16078)

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