Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just a few of my strategies

A fun way to capture a few of my strategies for the year. Hope you like it!

Monday, December 31, 2012

One Word for 2013: Strategies

Oops! It's been a month since my last post!  How did that happen?  Oh well, let's look forward and not back, shall we?

A little pic from my getaway to Maine.  I love it there so much.

New Year's Eve for me is full of hope and comfort. It's about being with good friend, and thinking of the new year with positivity and plans. My plans for tonight are simple. Hanging with some good friends for a nice dinner and champagne. We'll probably watch a movie and we've all been given the word that elastic-waist pants are welcomed and encouraged. I think it sounds perfect. Tonight is not about trying to make it the best night of the year. It's about saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new with people I love.

Today on Instagram Mortal Muses give us a reminder to think about our one word for the new year. It's been in the back of my mind, but I haven't really been focusing on it. However as I thought about it this morning, the word I've been using lately about how I'm going to be able to manage my life this next year is Strategies.

"Strategies" may not be a froufrou, new age word, like hope or piece of faith or love. But for me, strategies means setting myself up for success, and what could be more spiritual and meaningful than that?  Success in my personal life, my work life and my health life. I know that last one doesn't really work, but go with me here.  There are things that I want for myself, but if I don't plan for them and ACT on them, they don't happen.  So in this new year I'm going to be focused on strategies to make sure that the life that I'm living is the life that I want.

I just accepted an offer for a new challenging and stressful job that starts on Wednesday, January 2. It's a wonderful start to a new year.  I admit, though, that I already feel anxiety about this job taking me away from things in my personal life. As Brene Brown would say, how do I manage the vulnerability I'm feeling?  (I'm reading her Daring Greatly right now, and it's amazing!)

When I am anxious or worried or just feeling not quite right, it's usually a sign that I feel that things are out of my control.  If, however, I create a plan or strategies to get things in order, when the things that are out of my control go out of whack I'll be much more prepared to handle them. I won't be focused on the things that I haven't been keeping up.

So what are my strategies? I'm not done thinking about this, but for example my Strategies may look something like this:

  • Getting in to the gym at work by 6:30 am.  That way I can workout and shower and be at my desk by 8:30am. I'm putting that strategy in place because I really want my health to be one of my number one priorities this year. While it is definitely about losing weight, it's also about using exercise to start myself off on a good start for the day, and letting go some of the physical anxiety I feel. I also feel more confident after exercise, probably because I've accomplished something and that makes me feel good! Endorphins are churning and that makes me feel better all day long.
  • One of the other thing is I'm planning to put in place is my meals. My plan right now is to be at the grocery store on Sunday with my list of meals for the week. Sunday night I will be cooking and prepping my daily salads, and packing my bag with chicken breasts, string cheese and yogurt. 
  • One of my weakest points in eating right is the evening.  When I'm hungry and tired I have a hard time making good choices. So my strategy for that is to only have good things in the house, that way my only choice will be a good choice. 
I have more work to do on my strategies, but I think you get the idea. I hope you take some time today to think about what your "one word" for the year might be. There are some wonderful tools out there for you use to discover that word.  Just a couple suggestions here:
As I said, this year I didn't need any tools to think about this.  For me as I said it was pretty apparent this year what I needed. Strategies.  Now, how can I make the word Strategies pretty? :)

This is going up on my fridge!

In no way is this mine, but I love it!

I saw it on

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a wonderful day today. I'm trying to be grateful and happy for the little things.

I am missing my mom but grateful for family and friends.