Monday, May 30, 2011

My Trip to Kripalu

A cairn on the trail at Kripalu

I've been running fast since Mom's death in November to get her house on the market, settle the estate, find a job, take care of myself physically and emotionally.  It's been a long six months, but one thing I promised myself was that once the house was on the market I would take myself to Kripalu Yoga Center in Stockbridge, MA as a reward. 

Well, the house went on the market on Cinco de Mayo (send good selling vibes and any tips), so it was time to get outta town! 

I booked myself into the new, modern digs of the Annex.  It was my first time not in the dorms in the old building, so my room was a significant upgrade!  It's a really green building, and has a stark and austere feeling while also being beautiful.  The walls are unfinished concrete, but the bathtub is top of the line, as are the linens.  I love Marimekko!
I really want these pillows on my bed. They are so cheery and bright!

While I was there, I was fighting myself.  I had every intention of napping all day to catch up and work on my "stuff".  I've been ignoring my diet and fitness goals recently, so I really wanted this to be a reset button trip where I took stock and made some changes.  But, it was so nice out, I couldn't stay inside. 

I took long hikes, a few walks, and napped in meadows while being stalked by humongous bumble bees. 

It was gorgeous out, and there was so much to explore!

I was fascinated by this old Elm Tree.  Someone had put a chair under it, and it felt so nice to just sit there and listen to the wind, the birds and the bees enveloping me.  This was also a shrine spot, people left notes, coins, and other ephemera to Buddha.

I loved this sculpture (also under the tree).  It was just a piece of a mask left on top of Buddha, but the face is so expressive and full. 

This was also hidden in the tree. 

The Old Gatehouse

A few flowers from one of the meadows I napped in.

Just down the street.  So many beautiful places to just sit and be quiet.

 As the sun started to set one night, the light was just so beautiful I had to step out again.

This was after dinner, and most of the guests were out on the patio enjoying the light.

While I was there, I did take some time to work on my eating issues. This spot was my spot to sit at the table and work.

This is what I was working on.  I found this book so helpful.  Why Weight? A Guide to Ending Compulsive Eating  It's full of exercises to help you work through why you haven't made changes, and to help you figure out how important and how much you want to make changes.  It's the companion guide to her "Breaking Free from Emotional Eating" which I didn't find as helpful.  Seriously, the book is just exercises like "What are you not doing because you are fat?", and lots of space to write.  But, this type of book really helps me to process, so it fit! 

I had such a good time.  I haven't even told you about the food which was so healthy and delicious.  And the spa, oh, the spa.  Four days was enough for me this time, but I know I'll be back for a tune up again.  Kripalu is my retreat center.  Check it out if you get the chance! 

Are you having any trouble getting motivated?  Have you found anything that helps?

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