Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Go With the Flow (An impromptu road trip in pictures...)

I took an impromptu trip to Rockport, Mass with Karen this past weekend.  Here's an old industrial building: great colors, textures and shadows.

Wonderful Clam Fritters (similar to Aunt Carries in Point Judith) from the Lobster Shack in Rockport, MA.

Whoops - Karen on her side. Maybe too much beer?

The view from our picnic table dinner. Love the blue checkered vinyl tablecloth.

The rock pools at Halibut Point, Rockport, MA

We had our feet in the water, but these people were serious!

The view from the path down to the rocks.  We both wished to be on the sailboat.

Halibut Point Quarry.  Lots of history and amazing engineering.

Lovely wooded path leading to the Quarry.  I could have hidden in the shade here all day!

The rocks provided many places to get down close to the ocean. I wish I had worn my suit.  I could have stayed here letting the water wash over me.

I love waking up with no plan, and by the end of the day having a spontaneous plan come together.  I love exploring new places and having no expectations.  I love that I can be happy no matter what happens.  I need to remember that.  I am adaptable.  I am adventurous.  I am fun loving.

Going with the flow always allows wonderful things to happen.  My new motto is available as a fun PDF here!

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