Monday, August 8, 2011

Change Are Afoot! Both Sides Now.

Changes are afoot.  We've got both sides of the coin happening, and it seems like everything is happening at once.

A sad note, my Granpa Jake passed away a few days ago.  I had planned to go visit him on Saturday as he had been fighting an infection and things were not looking good.  But, I got the call bright and early Friday morning that he had passed.  To heaven, I am sure.  He was a dear man to me in so many ways.  I will forever remember his rib-cracking hugs, his huge hands, his razor-shaved head that he washed with a wash-cloth, and his "I love all my family."  I miss you so much Granpa.  The only thing that makes me feel better is that now you are with my Mom, your daughter, and she is not alone anymore.  I hope she met you at the pearly gates.
From Pinterest (my new favorite toy). See me there at bostongirlverge.

On a good note, I got a great contract job working at a huge biotech firm redesigning their Global Mobility programs.  I'm psyched about it, as this is the part of my old job that I enjoyed the most.  My new job starts on Monday, so I am busy this week trying to find clothes, get in for my drug test (do all companies do this now?), and get in my last bits of summer!  I am finding that I wished I had taken more advantage of all my time off up to now!

Another great note, we accepted an offer for my Mom's house.  It is much lower than it should be, but after going back & forth trying to get more money out of us and them, we have decided to accept.  It is time for me to be able to move on from that house, and focus on my own stuff.  Hope for smooth selling process - I've heard some nightmare stories!

A busy week ahead, but I'll be in touch! :)

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  1. I was sorry to hear about your Grandpa, but happy for your positive news on the house and job.

    I think selling the house will be a help you too.